Gateway for Start-Ups and SME's to Alternative Sources of Capital
Gateway for Start-Ups and SME's to Alternative Sources of Capital
Guarantius Capital is a global collaborative network of investment banking professionals active in global capital markets. Our core undertakings are asset securitization and monetization, structured corporate and project finance, complex deal flow realization, capital raising and issuance of financial securities in particular bonds. We collaborate with over 500 top-executives of leading financial institutional, multinational corporations, industry experts and scientific centres as well as governmental organisations..Our core team consists of mostly multi-disciplinairy top-executives from the financial,industry as well as professional partners from accredited international accounting, auditing and law firms as well as strategy consultans and influential policial lobbyists.

Guarantius provides the significant value-add many organizations need to accomplish their objectives like the access to multinationals in global markets, managerial expertise and experience to accelerate growth of the business, determine the most cost-effective way of funding the business and in particular getting access to capital and debt. Depending on the actual business case we involve business leaders with an impeccable track-record of achievement in various industries like telecom, energy, life sciences, media and technology. Our multidisciplinary teams and case managers are based in world's leading financial and business centres like New York, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul ensuring we have direct access to critical market intelligence, business networks and capital sources.
Via our sister group of companies, Lux Capital Corporation, we provide access to a several bond investment vehicles in Luxembourg offering secured investments with a variety of asset classes and risk-return profiles. We regularly develop and issue bonds to fund corporations in which we have a special interest and who desire to develop their business in close partnership with us. Our focus is hereby mainly on investments in support of social responsibility, environmental protection, technological innovations based on the laws and principles of nature. We invest also in life extending health sciences as well as companies that support affordable quality of life of disadvantaged communities.

When Guarantius Capital gets involved in your financial planning and deal structuring we deploy a highly cost-efficient and exceptional effective engagement program. This program is called the "Rapid Business Accelerator". When applied the program provides the best possible funding scenarios for your intended strategy.   

Positioning for Success
  • Build Unique Value Proposition
  • Recruit Exceptional Competences
  • Achieve Operational Perfection
  • Understand Market Mechanisms
  • Mitigate Risks and Contingencies
  • Build Strategic Partnerships
  • Secure Entry to Global Markets
  • Build Unique Intellectual Properties
Mission Critical Funding
  • Understand Value Drivers
  • Master Cash Flows
  • Secure Access to Affordable Funding
  • Utilize Investment Incentives
  • Prioritized Capital Allocation
  • Maintain Strict Budget Controls
  • Reinvest Early Stage Earnings
  • Optimize Tax Benefits
Accelerate Growth
  • Get Sponsors at Industry Leader
  • Build Track Record of Achievement
  • Accreditation Industry Experts
  • Expand Footprint at Industry Leader
  • Build Synergies with Key Suppliers
  • Establish Industry Leadership
  • Build Reputation and Brand
  • Start Global Roll-Out
Secure High Value Exit
  • Maximum Retention Earnings
  • Grow Value Intellectual Property
  • Year-on-Year sustainable Growth
  • Build Strong Balance Sheet
  • Steady Growth of Cash Position
  • Steadily Reduce Debts
  • Optimize Tax Efficiency
  • Clean Litigation Sheet
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