Our mission is to become a leader in social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Within our scope of influence we strive to enable organzations with the necessary means to grow the free cash flow and shareholder value while meeting social and environmental responsibility objectives of significant importance at the same time.

With increasing difficulty for organizations to source traditional sources of funding like venture capital and bank loans, Guarantius Capital opens new gateways to global capital markets. We structure and issue tailor-made bonds to continuously fund your organization with well-timed disbursements of affordable capital 

Just the funding of organizations is often insufficient to make a real breakthrough. Guarantius Capital provides critical support from industry experts, support with legal, commercial and technical resources and lobby-services from top-executives with access to multinationals in global markets to ensure rapid acceleration of profitable growth, market share and shareholder value.
Contributions to Society
Guarantius Capital undertakes social and environmental responsibility programs. Instead of occasional donations to charities, disaster relief or sponsorshipsto local communities Guarantius is dedicated to create useful employment, enables disadvantaged communities to improve quality of their life, to combat critical illness, to preserve the ecosystem and deploy renewable resources for clean and affordable energy amongst other initiatives.
Environmental Responsibility
Our environmental protection policy is aimed at preservation of our eco-system and natural living environment. We invest only in sustainable technologies based on principles of nature, that use renewable and durable materials and renewable energy, that recycle water/waste and minimize pollutants in air, water and land surface and underground. We are commited to continuous improve the environmental performance combatting emissions of greenhouse gases causing climate change.
Investor Responsibility
In order to fund organizations we create special purpose investment vehicles and raise capital from global capital markets. We undertake such activities in Luxembourg, one of Europe's largest financial centres with the highest standards of governance and compliance. Guarantius has access to a wide variety of investors, including institutional investors, asset managers, venture capital and private equity funds, family offices and high net worth individuals. It is evident that we protect the investor's invested capital, strive to deliver the expected growth of their capital investments and protect the valuable assets in which we invest for them. We therefore offer investors mostly capital protected, fixed income bond or derivatives with similar risk/return profiles if so desired. The capital and the assets remain under exclusive control of an independent securities trustee, mostly a reputable bank or licensed investment manager, with oversight by independent qualified administrators and auditors. 
United Nations
Guarantius Capital supports and enacts, within its sphere of influence, the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. Guarantius provides full transparency to the public on its undertakings and reports annually to the United Nations.