Guarantius utilizes its affiliate company Lux Capital Corporation for securitization, capital raising and funding purposes. Lux Capital has several self-owned special purpose vehicles in Luxembourg issuing investment bonds and investing in a diversity of asset classes. They also hold numerous stake holdings in corporations that we have funded previously.
Lux Eco Securities
High yield investment bond investing in new emerging energy sources, technologies and applications, i.e. hydrogen, solar, wind as well as technologies that preserve the ecosystem, protect our natural living environment i.e. ultrasonic industrial cleaning, waste recycling, water purification. 
Lux Agro Securities
Investment Bond dedicated to new sourced and technologies for food and water production, organic materials fertilizers and new agricultural methods like veritical farming.
Lux Health Sciences
Investment bond investing in groundbreaking health sciences, prevention and combatting critical illness and in particular enabling access to affordable health care for disadvantaged communities across the globe.
Lux Social Housing
Investment bond that invests in development of ecological, energy-efficient and affordable housing, in particular for victims of natural disasters.
Lux Infra Securities
Investment bond that invests in development of critical transport infrastructure like harbors, bio-energy and food storage facilities as well as transport means situated on important international trade and transport corridors. 
Lux Media Investments
This investment bond invests in groundbreaking media technologies considered to be the new global standards for production and distribution of media content.
Lux Credit Securities
Investment bond focused on secured asset based lending  SME's that seek alternative sources of capital to accomodate their rapid growth and expansion (traditionally not financed by banks).
Lux Life Securities
Investment bond that accomodates households to extract the cash value out of their life insurance policies, alternatively require funding to preserve the value of the policies. 
Lux Cultural Heritage
This bond invests in the preservation of important cultural heritages like art, culture, buildings and property.