Guarantius Capital is structured as a collaborative global network, Our resources are rapidly mobilized and assigned to specific business opportunities. Our structure allows us to be highly responsive and adaptive to rapid evolving global markets and in particular to the business opportunties that fequently arise. Our customers are assured that we always have the best qualified team assigned to the deal. We operate real time in all timezones without delays. Case managers have always a back-up to ensure continuity of business. 
Our firm strives for a modern corporate governance strategy that takes into account the interests of each shareholder. The shareholders are actively involved in any matters that are critical to the company’s continuity and success beyond the appointment of the Board and the annual accounts. We have assigned a Trust Office through where shareholders can announce a proxy and/or issue voting instructions. Each share in the capital of of our firm gives entitlement to cast one vote. The voting rights can be exercised by the holder of the share. Shareholders who attend a shareholders’ meeting in person are entitled to cast votes at their own discretion on a number of shares equal to the number of shares that the shareholder holds on the relevant record date. Shareholders may also exercise their voting rights even if they do not attend a shareholders’ meeting by granting a proxy to a third party. When shareholders do not attend, have not granted a voting proxy nor issued voting instructions Voting is guided primarily by the interests of the shareholders taking into account their interests. The sale and transfer of shares is restricted to ensure stability, consistency and continuity of the undertaking.
Board of Directors
The Board’s primary responsibility is to safeguard that our collaborators perform the tasks and duties as agreed in the engagement agreement and that our client's business objectives are actually achieved. At the same time the Board ensures that the interests of the investors that have entrusted their capital to the business initiatives are safeguarded as well. The Board has to consider also the well-being of Guarantius' shareholders, partners and staff, The Board also monitors business performance, conducts oversight on regulatory, legal and fiscal compliance, statutory reporting and implementation of social responsibility policies. The shareholders have appointed directors. None of them holds personal interests in the company that reasonably could influence their objectivity. The Board has drawn up a Charter which includes its duties, powers and working methods and information on its relationships with the stakeholders of the company. All members  have underwritten the company’s Directors Code of Conduct. All partners in the company have underwritten the company’s Employee Code of Conduct.
Independent Experts
The Board has assigned special task forces to provide second opinions in support of strategic and tactical investment decision making as well as advice of significant importance provided to our clients. The task forces consist of at least one Director and several outside independent experts. A task force provides recommendations to the Board on critical business issues like additional bond issues, asset purchases, project and construction plans, asset valuations, exit strategies as well as policies and directives with respect to risks. The four task forces are Due Diligence, Investments, Risk Management and Market Strategy.
Part of our services might be outsourced to reputable service providers, i.e. specialized reserach centers, market research agencies, financial analysts, business lobbysts, engineering firms, valuators, rating agencies, tax advisors and law firms for statutory and regulatory issues. etc. Due to our longstanding relationships with these parties we have streamlined workflows and the communications. Our clients can therefore be assured of faultless operations, full regulatory compliance, reliable business advice and safe and secure transactions.